Air Versus Deep Fryer

Fried foods fall into the category of food we secretly enjoy but can’t take too much of. Our guilty pleasure, you might say. A vast majority of the world’s population consume at least one fried food per day. But food don’t just fry themselves, there are highly innovative kitchen appliances that have been engineered and manufactured solely for the purpose of given our food that soft crisp and tenderness, the most popular being the deep fryer and the present kitchen craze, air fryers. This two appliances seem very familiar at first glance until a closer look is taken at their features and working mechanism in particular.

While the deep fryer works by submerging the food in heated oil and frying to taste, trapping moisture in, air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food till the food is crisp to perfection. Making a decision on the best type of fryer for you might be a really tough one. It mostly boils down to your priorities and the special features you personally search for in a fryer.

Are you a health freak? Or perhaps one who just wants to savor all the taste and flavor with no special care for oil use? In this article, I’m going to be listing out some important factors, stating the pros and cons of each type of fryer, to give you better understanding and a precise knowledge on the best type of fryer for you.

  1. Size and capacity

Both fryers occupy about one square foot space, having a height of about 18-20 inches, depending on the model. This allows them to perfectly fit beneath the kitchen cabinet with no stress or strain. Although the deep fryers are assumed to be bigger because they are seen more in restaurants and can be used to cook for a large crowd due to a larger capacity. The air fryers also have XXL models that can be used in case of a large family dinner.

The size of a fryer is more often than not dependent on the type of model bought.

2. Health and safety

Air fried foods are generally accepted to be healthier than deep fried foods. This is because less oil is used and therefore the food contains less fat which reduces the risk of fat triggered diseases, as opposed to a deep fryer where you have to immerse the entire food in oil. Air fried food contain up to 70% less fat, so if you’re a weight loss enthusiast or one who’s very mindful about calorie consumption then the air fryer is for you.

An air fryer is also safer and doesn’t involve oil splash putting you at risk of burns and scald injuries.

3. Speed and cost

A deep fryer takes less cooking time because it heats up the oil faster, but the air fryer has to circulate hot air round the food, which might take a bit more time. The deep fryer is also generally less expensive partly due to the fact that an air fryer uses modern rapid air technology.

4. Versatility

The deep fryer is mostly conventional and can be used to just traditionally fry foods unlike the air fryer which is multifunctional and can be accessorized to bake, roast and even grill food. This makes it more fun and definitely easier to use and clean. Some models are dishwasher friendly.

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