Cinnamon Rolls Air Fryer Recipe

These homemade cinnamon rolls are straightforward and exciting to make. You can prepare this recipe inside the air fryer in a short period and it will turn it good. However, you should know that the fryer can also perform several tasks and can prepare different meals each day. Well, below we have new and exciting dessert and recipe ideas for you to try at home. You and your entire household would love this one, most importantly your kids.

Cinnamon Rolls

Its preparation time should be twenty minutes while the time for cooking this one is nine minutes. The overall total of time that you will spend on this tasty treat is twenty-nine minutes. It can serve eight people. It should be fun for you.


Frozen bread (1 pound), defrosted.

Cool and melted butter (¼ cup)

Brown sugar (¾ cup)

Ground cinnamon (1½ tbsp)

Cream cheese glaze

Soft cream cheese (4 ounces)

Softened butter (2 tbsp)

Powdered sugar (1¼ cups)

Vanilla (½ tbsp)

How to prepare:

On the counter, ensure that the bread dough reaches room temperature. You should roll the dough on an on a floured surface to a thirteen by an eleven-inch rectangle. Ensure that the thirteen-inch faces you. Use butter to brush the entire dough while you leave a one-inch open border on its edge.

Mix the cinnamon and sugar insides bowl. Drizzle the mix on the dough you rubbed with butter evenly. Start rolling the dough, beginning from the edge close to you. Ensure that you roll it very tight and give no room or space for an air of any sort. Whenever you reach the dough’s edge that you did not cover, that is the point where pressing the roll and dough together will seal it up.

Slice the log in eight pieces, flip the slices over and use a kitchen towel to cover it. Place the roll in a warm place for about ninety or one hundred and twenty minutes to rise.

If you want to prepare the glaze, put the butter and cream cheese inside a microwave bowl. Let the mix soften inside the microwave for thirty seconds then you can now stir. Include the sugar and stir, then add the vanilla and continue to stir till it becomes smooth. Put it aside.

Whenever the roll rises, ensure that you heat the fryer to 350ºF.

Take four out of the rolls to the fryer’s basket and let it air dry for five minutes. Flip it over and make it air-fry for four more minutes and then perform the same task on the rest of the rolls.

Let it cool off before you start glazing. Spread big large chunk of the cream cheese glaze on the top of the cinnamon rolls, letting few glazes to shred down the roll sides. You can now serve and have fun.

Sticky buns

Your preparation for this would be ten minutes while cooking time is ten minutes. The overall time for this is twenty minutes.


Refrigerated crescent rolls (1 roll)

Brown sugar (1/3 c)

Melted butter (1/3 c)

Raisins (1/4 c)

Sliced pecans, or nuts (1/3 c)

Maple syrup (2 tbsp)

Sugar (2 tbsp)

Cinnamon (1 tbsp)

How to prepare:

Mix the butter, syrup and brown sugar.

Place a trivet in the fryer and a pan that you spray with non-stick spray at the top.

Pour the syrup mixture into a pan. Drizzle the raisins and nuts into the same pan.

Open the refrigerated rolls but don’t unroll the roll familiarly, place it on a board and slice it into two with a non-serrated knife.

Slice the half’s into another half till you can count eight pieces.

Combine the sugar and cinnamon inside a bowl and put the top and bottom of the rolls inside it. Then place them in the pan at the top of the brown sugar mix. Ensure that the sugar mix faces up.

Lock the fryer’s lid and set the fryer to crisp for five minutes, which will be at 345 degrees.

Unlock the lid and turn the rollover.

Switch the fryer on and tap crisp, let it crisp for four minutes.

Now put the prepared sticky buns on a plate and spoon mix beneath your pan at the rolls top.

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