Crispy Fried Pickles

They are crispy and addictive meals made in oil and harmful fat. This fryer recipe will give you the delicious fried pickles without the extra oil and fats which will help and enhance the body. Also, they are one hundred percent vegan. It will take twenty-five minutes to prepare this delicious recipe and trust me you can get addicted to this one easily.


Thickly shredded dill pickle (14)

Multi-purpose flour (1/4 cup)

Baking powder (1/8 tbsp)

Dark beer (3 tbsp)


Water (2/3 tbsp)

Cornstarch (2 tbsp)

Panko bread crumbs (6 tbsp)

Paprika (1/2 tbsp)

Cayenne pepper

Oil spray

Vegan ranch dressing (1/4 to 1/2 cup)

How to prepare:

Towel dry the pickle slices, ensure that each side dries up, and put them aside.

Mix the flour, dark beer, baking powder, salt, and two tbsp of water inside a bowl. Ensure that the batter becomes thick and yet pourable. If it becomes too thick, you should add one more spoon of water. Put the butter aside.

Bring out two plates. Spray cornstarch on one and mix the bread crumbs, pepper, salt, and paprika on the other plate.

Now ensure that you bread the pickles. Use the pickles to create a line on the counter, then add the cornstarch, panko mix and beer batter. To air fry, put the fryers basket at the assembly line’s end. If you want to fry them, add another plate for the pickles.

One pickle after another, place them in the cornstarch on both sides. Take out the excessive cornstarch. It makes it easy for the batter to stay with the slice. Put the slice inside the beer batter, ensure that it coats evenly. Let the slice drip away excessive batter before moving to the panko. Place the slice inside the panko mix, cover it.

Place the slice inside the fryer. Ensure that the dill pickle slices are in one layer inside the fryers basket.  Sprinkle it with the oil and air fry it for eight minutes, which will be at 360 degrees, stop halfway to flip the slices and sprinkle with oil. Check again after eight minutes or wait till it becomes brownish.