Crispy Fried Spring Rolls

Your family is going to appreciate you for preparing this at home if you ever try it. The method of including vegetables and chicken makes it so delicious in just about twenty minutes of preparation. You can prepare it as much as you want, it will leave a long-lasting impression on your guests.


1 cup of prepared chicken

Half tbsp of mayonnaise

Carrot (1/3 cup)

Mushrooms (1/3 cup)

Half tbsp of sliced ginger

1 tbsp of stock powder chicken

Garlic Salt

1 egg

Corn starch (1 tbsp)

Spring roll wrappers (8)

How to prepare:

Shred the prepared chicken breast. Cut the carrot, mushroom, and celery into narrow strips.

Put the sliced chicken inside a pan, include and stir the mushroom, celery, and carrot together. Put in the ginger, chicken powder and sugar while you continue to stir to create the roll filling.

Mix the egg, including the cornstarch and stir to develop a chunky paste. Put it aside.

Put the filling on the spring roll wrapper and roll it one after the other, then cover the wrap’s end with the mixture containing the egg. If you want crunchy results, you should use oil to brush the rolls.

Ensure that the air fryer heats to 200 degrees. Then, put the rolls inside the fryer and let it boil for four minutes. Then you can now serve it the chili sauce.

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