Egg Rolls Air Fryer Recipe

Air-frying egg rolls are better than the deep versions. Below are few tasty and awesome recipes that you can give a trial and it just could be your new addiction.

Chicken vegetable egg rolls

The fish sauce is the most enchanting ingredient to these egg rolls. Anytime you give this a try, and you will enjoy its rich flavor. When it comes to the Hoisin-Peanut dip: Some of those sauces vary in thickness. Change the water level in the recipe to your desired choice. Also, you can change the choice of meat and go for your desired option as well.


Ground chicken (1 pound)

Vegetable oil (2 Tbsp)

Sliced garlic (3 cloves)

Shredded ginger root (1 tbsp), optional.

Soy sauce (1 Tbsp)

Sesame seed oil (1/2 tbsp)

Kosher salt (1/2 tbsp)

Fresh sliced black pepper

Sliced cabbage (2 cups)

Shredded carrot (1/2 cup)

Sliced green onions (3)

1 big egg

Egg roll wrappers (1 pack)

Oil spray


Hoisin (1/2 cup)

Peanut butter (1/4 cup)

Chilli hot sauce (optional)

Sesame oil (1/2 tbsp)

Vinegar (2 tbsp)

Water (1/2 cup)

How to prepare

Prepare the egg-roll filling

Ensure that the pan heat on medium heat, add oil, garlic and the alternative ginger. Boil it for one minute or till it becomes brown. Include the soy sauce chicken, sesame oil and pepper. Boil it for one or two more minutes.

Include the carrots, cabbage and green onions. Boil for one to two minutes or till the vegetables becomes soft. Add the egg and boil for thirty seconds more. Take out the heat and put the prepared filling inside a colander to dry out the excess juice and cool off.

Prepare the Hoisin-Peanut Dip

When the filling cools off, create the dip. Inside a pan, mix all of the ingredients. And if you are making it for lots of people, then you should utilise a blender for blending the ingredients. Ensure that you include enough water because the hoisin is sometimes very thick.

Roll & Air Fry

Utilising the roll wrappers, include one to two tbsp of the filling to each wrapper. Roll the wrapper across the filling and ensure that it is tight enough to avoid spilling.

Use water to brush the wrapper’s top corner to close the end of the wrapper, then complete the rolling. Perform the same task on each of the egg rolls. Use oil to brush the rolls for a good coating.

Air Fry it for fifteen minutes, turn it over halfway and boil till it becomes crispy. If you utilise a big wrapper, make sure that you boil it longer than usual to prevent it from being chewy and tough.

You can now serve it warm with the hoisin-peanut dip. Also, you can cover the chicken vegetable egg rolls inside lettuce and eat.

Note: You should try to utilise the small wrappers because it will prepare the egg rolls faster and more delicious than the big size wrappers. If you utilise a big wrapper, do your best to roll large egg rolls as well so that you can use minimal layers to prepare the delicious meal.

Southwestern egg rolls


Defrosted frozen corn (2 cups)

Cleansed black beans (1)

Spinach extract (1)

Sliced jalapeno Jack cheese (1 1/2 cups)

Cheddar cheese (1 cup)

Sliced green chillies (1 (4 ounces))

Sliced green onions (4)

Salt (1 tbsp)

Ground cumin (1 tbsp)

Chilli powder (1 tbsp)

Egg roll wrappers (1 (16 ounces))

Cooking spray

How to prepare:

Combine the spinach, cheese, green chillies, salt, chilli powder, onions, beans and corn inside one big bowl that you will use for filling.

Lay a wrapper at one angle. Utilise your hand and water to moisten all four edges softly. Put the filling 1/4 cup in the wrapper’s middle. Fold one corner and fold in the other side to create a roll form. Perform the same task with the leftover wrappers.

Ensure that the fryer heats to 390 degrees F. put the egg rolls inside a basket, ensure that they do not touch each other. Prepare it in batches if it becomes necessary. Fry for eight minutes, turn it over and boil it till it becomes crispy. That can take about four minutes.

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