How Healthy Is an Air Fryer?

Is Air Fryer Healthy to Use?

The air fryers have popularly been advertised as a way to eat your cake and have it. It is seen as an healthy way to enjoy your favorite food with absolutely no guilt. What better news than discovering that you can now savor your French fries, chicken wings and potato chips without having to worry about the extra calories gained from too much oil as opposed to deep frying. Not only can you eat delicious healthy fried foods, you can also work at making your vegetables much more appealing and crunchy with an air fryer.

What are the major health benefits? Is it really all that safe to use or it’s just an exaggerated farce? Is air fryer good for you? Is air fryer healthier? Why get an air fryer? Find out as you further read through this article.

Major health benefits

  • It promotes weight loss

Foods that are deep fried are generally agreed to be higher in calorie content. This is due to the amount of fat from oil present in the food. With the air fryer you can reduce up to 75% of the fat content. If you’re looking to trim your waistline and reduce those belly fats, switching up deep fried foods with air fried foods would be the perfect way to start the leap on your weight loss journey. Deep fried foods have been associated with obesity; therefore, you’re less likely to be obese when you eat air fried foods.

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease

Eating too oily food can clog your arteries and open you up to the risk of cerebrovascular diseases having a major impact on your overall health. Studies have shown that a higher intake of fats from vegetable oils can increase risk of conditions like heart disease and inflammation. A lot of healthy recipes can be made with an air fryer using almost no oil and thereby reducing the risk of susceptibility to these diseases. You consume almost 50 times less oil with an air fryer.

  • Decreases the formation of harmful compounds

Frying food can cause potentially dangerous compounds like acrylamide to be formed. Acrylamide is a compound formed in certain foods while using high heat cooking methods like frying. It has been found to be carcinogenic, linked to the development of ovarian, pancreatic, breast, endometrial and esophageal cancer. Additional research has also associated acrylamide to an increased risk of kidney cancer. By air frying, you reduce the risk of having acrylamide in your food.

It is important to note that an air fryer does not guarantee a healthy diet. While it is true that air fryers provide a more healthy option than deep fryers, reducing fried food intake altogether would have a more significant impact on your overall health.

Air fryers reduce the formation of acrylamide but can also form other harmful compounds that can be detrimental to our health. Eating fried foods excessively would always be linked with various health effects. To maintain optimal health, it is better advised to adapt a wide variety of more healthy cooking methods like roasting, grilling, baking and steaming.

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