List of Foods Suitable for Air Fryers

One of the very best features of an air fryer is its degree of versatility. It takes us from the traditional functions of a fryer and broadens our cooking spectrum. The air fryer when put to optimum use has the ability to mimic the function of other appliances in the kitchen. You can also buy a variety of attachments such as a rack or grill pan to up the game even more.

This appliance is said to be the healthiest for fried foods as it involves the use of minimal oil without losing the food’s crisp and perfect golden brown color. It is also great for making appetizers, crunchy veggies, desserts such as cake, brownies and even grill or smoke fish. The wide array of food that can be made with an air fryer might get you a little confused about how to make the most from an air fryer but I’m here to simplify this for you by bringing you the top most incredible meals to make with an air fryer.

What Can Be Fried in an Air Fryer:

  1. Chicken wings and drumettes

An average air fryer gives space for at least six chicken wings at a time. Drumettes are a lot meatier and can be fried to perfection with an airfryer. Do make sure the chicken is properly marinated for the best taste.

2. French fries

There is absolutely no better appliance for your frozen French fries. They turn out perfectly crisp, crunchy and baked with at least 75% less oil, leaving you with the freedom to eat your fries guilt free.

3. Potato chips

Potatoes can either be baked or fried with an air fryer to give a sensational tongue wetting taste. It’s one of the most popular recipes made with an air fryer.

4. Raw vegetables

Your veggies can be made more appealing and crunchy to eat with an air fryer. Now you’re absolutely worry free about your kids dumping the veggies under the dining the table. Happy Mom!

5. Pickles

Still one of my favorite greens because, of course, a pickle a day keeps the doctor away. An air fryer can fry my pickles to the point where I enjoy an appetizing perfectly healthy meal or snack depending on the occasion.

6. Thanksgiving Turkey

The air fryer is perfect if you’re looking to make a simple turkey recipe for thanksgiving dinner without creating a mess and making a fuss. Your family and friends are definitely going to swarm around asking for your secret recipe.

7. Hot dogs

They’re one of the quickest because it only takes about 3 minutes to cook a hot dog with an air fryer. It is not only fast, but really juicy on the inside and crisp on the outside to making it the best you’ll ever take.

8. Pork

Pork already has a lot of fat so the best way to enjoy your pork or bacon with no health guilt is by using an air fryer. Lightly coat with a little olive oil and enjoy royal finesse.

9. Crunchy roasted broccoli

Broccoli is another one of those healthy greens that can be flawlessly roasted with an air fryer.

10. Cinnamon rolls

This is really easy and fun to make, and delicious for a family and friend’s treat.

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