Taco Bell Crunch Wraps

This one is a classic, so it is not a surprise that food lovers enjoy making this homemade and healthy version of their favorite wraps. Whenever taco bell crunch wraps come to mind and you wish to make something of that sort, make this version and you will crave for it every time. Also, it is straightforward to make and you can make it in whichever form you wish without much effort. The below recipe will be enough for six people, which sounds lovely for dinner with family and friends.


Ground beef (2 lbs.)

Taco seasoning (2 packets)

Water (1 1/3 cup)

Flour tortillas (6-12 inch)

Tomatoes (3 Roma)

Nacho cheese (12 oz.)

Mexican blend cheese (2 cups)

Sour cream (2 cups)

Tostadas (6)

Butter spray or olive oil.

How to prepare:

Ensure that the fryer heats to 400 degrees.

Prepare the beef with the seasoning packet instructions.

In the middle of every tortilla with beef (2/3 cup), nacho cheese (4 tbsp), 1 tostada, sour cream (1/3 cup), lettuce (1/3 cup), tomatoes (1/6th) and cheese (1/3 cup).

When you want to close it, wrap its edges, through the center.

Place it inside the fryer folded.

Sprinkle it with oil or spray.

Prepare it for two minutes or till it becomes brown.

Flip and spray with a spatula carefully.

Prepare it for two more minutes and continue with the rest of the wraps.

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